WhatsApp group members send messages in reverse? Now admin can delete them, 13 new features will come

 WhatsApp has become a part of all of our lives in some way or the other. After the Corona epidemic, there has been an increase in the trust of WhatsApp for secure communication of school, college or office. In such a situation, keeping in view the needs of its users, changes are being made in the features of WhatsApp continuously. Let us know what changes have been made by WhatsApp and what is coming with new ones.

Also understand how users will be able to use all these features?

Can send files up to 2GB

  • Currently, WhatsApp only allows sharing of 100MB files at a time.
  • Now WhatsApp will allow file transfer up to 2GB (Gigabyte).
  • With this new feature, people will be able to easily send a project or video.

Will be able to make voice calls to 32 people in one touch

  • In the feature of WhatsApp, 32 people will be able to do one-tap voice calling simultaneously.
  • The company is making some changes to the screen visible during group voice calls.
  • The platform is adding voice waveforms for all group members during group calls. Voice waveforms are the waves (a line going up and down) seen in voice notes. There is little change in this design, but the new platform will be completely different in appearance.

WhatsApp users can now pause and play voice messages

  • Earlier, recording had to be stopped and started again when there was an obstacle or a separate sound.
  • Now you can use handsfree mode to record long messages.
  • In case of any interruption, you can stop the recording by touching on Pause.
  • Then you can play and record further. This feature will be helpful for recording long voices.

Voice message will stay where it is paused

  • If you came out of the chat after pausing earlier, then you had to listen to the voice from the beginning, but now there is no need to listen to the voice message at once.
  • You can exit the chat by pausing the voice message.
  • When you go back to the chat, the voice can be heard from where it was left. This feature will help in listening to voice messages for a long time.

WhatsApp voice message can be heard first

  • Till now, there was only one option to send voice messages on WhatsApp, that was to record and send the message by holding the mic, but now new features have also been added.
  • Users will touch and up the mic to send a voice note.
  • Will record voice, there is also an option to pause in the middle, then you can record further by playing.
  • After being recorded, it can also be heard itself, after that audio can be sent.

Listen to audio messages in fast playback

  • WhatsApp also allows users to listen to voice notes at 1.5x or 2x speed.
  • For that, there is a 1x button on the right side of the voice note, by clicking on it the message can be heard at 1.5x or 2x speed.

New feature related to community is likely to come

  • There used to be groups on WhatsApp, but the community feature will work to bring people together in different groups under one platform.
  • There will not be a limit of 200 or 400 to add people to the community, even if it is 1000, then it will be up to 1000.
  • This feature was supposed to launch on November 6, but it is due to be late by 6 months. Like spam which is more in the group then it will be more due to more people in the community. Many new features are being brought to control it.
  • Likely to come in the next beta. After that the normal roll out will also happen.

Understand what is waveform design voice message

  • WhatsApp users will now be able to see the visual representation of the voice of the voice message.
  • The company says that the design will help users follow the recording.
  • WhatsApp has introduced a similar waveform design for voice calls as well.

Poll option will come like telegram

  • The poll option is already there in Telegram, but not in WhatsApp.
  • If the consumer base of WhatsApp is very good, then the poll will be very interesting.
  • Testing is on in beta, so it will probably come in the next update or its next update.

Logout feature will be like other social media platforms

  • Earlier, WhatsApp could run on only one phone at a time. OTP was required to do in the second.
  • Now you can run in other phone also, just for that you have to logout from other device.

Photo will be visible in message notification, know how

  • When a message comes that you do not want to open and ignore it without opening WhatsApp.
  • Now without opening WhatsApp, you can see the profile picture of the sender of the message, who has messaged.

Archive will be renamed

  • Used to put the message in the archive to ignore it.
  • Now WhatsApp is changing the name of Archive to Read Later.
  • From Read Later, you will remember that you have to read a message later.

Message forwarding limit will be reduced

  • To prevent spam, the limit for forwarding a message was only up to five people.
  • Even then people used to send 10 times five by five to 50 people.
  • Now this limit is being reduced to one, that is, one person will be able to forward only one.

While walking

Read some important things related to WhatsApp-

  • WhatsApp was bought by Meta i.e. Facebook in 2014.
  • In 2022, WhatsApp is coming with 13 new features. Its aim is to enhance the experience of its users and bring interesting features like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Some of these features were already available for testers on Android and iOS platforms. Although the company has not yet given the launch date, once it is rolled out, all the features will be included in the voice messaging tool brought by the company a few weeks ago.
  • One more thing, if you want new features first, then you should transfer to WhatsApp beta. Any feature enters beta before it becomes normal.
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