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Search engines are a vital part of the internet. And while Google dominates the market, there’s always room for other options. One such option is torrentz2, which has been in operation since late 2017 and is now back with it’s new look!

what is torrentz2 search engine?

Torrentz2 search engine is a tool that allows you to search for torrents of movies, TV shows, games, music, and more. It is a great way to find content that you might not be able to find through traditional means.

why was it shutdown?

Torrentz was a search engine for torrent files, which allowed users to search for and download files from a variety of different sites. It was shutdown in 2016 due to copyright infringement.

The shutdown of Torrentz was a major blow to the torrent community. Many users relied on the site to find torrents, and its absence left a big hole in the market. There are a few other sites that offer similar services, but they are not as popular or well-known as Torrentz was.

The return of Torrentz is good news for those who use torrents. It will make it easier to find the files they want, and it will also help to keep the torrent community alive.


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how to use torrentz2 search engine

Torrentz2 is a search engine for torrents that indexes and combines results from other torrent search engines.

To use Torrentz2, simply enter a search term into the search bar and click the Search button. You will then be presented with a list of results from all of the major torrent search engines.

You can click on any of the results to view more information about that particular torrent. If you find a torrent that you want to download, simply click on the Download button and choose the location where you want to save the file.

Torrentz2 is a convenient way to search for torrents from multiple different sources at once. It is also completely free to use!

advantages of torrentz2 search engine

Torrentz2 is a search engine for torrents that indexes and combines results from other popular torrent search engines. This makes it an excellent choice for finding the content you’re looking for.

One of the advantages of using Torrentz2 is that it’s very fast. It can quickly search through all of the major torrent indexes and find the results you’re looking for.

Another advantage of Torrentz2 is that it’s very user-friendly. The interface is simple and easy to use, and you can easily filter your results by category, language, or country.

Finally, Torrentz2 is a great choice if you’re looking for a more private way to search for torrents. Unlike some other torrent search engines, Torrentz2 doesn’t track your IP address or store any logs of your searches.

disadvantages of torrentz2 search engine

The main disadvantage of using the Torrentz2 search engine is that it can be quite slow. This is because the engine has to search through a lot of different files in order to find the ones that you are looking for.

Another downside of this engine is that it does not provide any previews of the files that you are downloading. This means that you will not know what you are downloading until it is finished.

Lastly, the Torrentz2 search engine is not very user-friendly. The interface can be quite confusing and hard to navigate for new users.


After being shut down for over a year, the torrentz search engine is back up and running. This news will come as a relief to many people who used the site to find and download torrents.

The return of torrentz is a big deal because it was one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet. Over the years, it amassed a huge following of users who relied on it to find the latest movies, tv shows, games, and software.

Now that torrentz is back, users can once again enjoy its convenient search engine and wide selection of torrents. With its return, the torrent community has one less thing to worry about.

Torrentz2 FAQ:

1. What is Torrentz2?

Torrentz2 is a search engine designed to search for torrents. It is similar to the now-defunct site.

2. How does Torrentz2 work?

Torrentz2 works by indexing torrents from various different sites. This means that you can search for torrents from a single location.

3. Is Torrentz2 legal?

Yes, Torrentz2 is legal in most countries. However, some countries may have laws against downloading copyrighted material. Be sure to check your local laws before downloading anything.

4. What are the best Torrentz2 alternatives?

There are several other torrent search engines available, such as The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents, and 1337x.

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