PUBG MOBILE ‘The Ruins’ Survival Guide – Know Your Basics

PUBG Mobile recently introduced the latest Team Deathmatch map, aptly named The Ruins. The new map arrived as part of the recent 0.15.5 version update. The most intense of the 3 TDM maps introduced so far, this map is ensures a fast-paced quick game that is sure to entice any battle royal gamer. With ‘The Ruins’, PUBG Mobile removed exclusive bay areas, introducing free spawn into mix. Free spawn makes users to spawn at random spots, increasing the chances of conflict with the enemy.

Upping the ante, players will also be able to loot defeated players, overall increasing the chances of survival and prolonging the excitement. Moreover, the new TDM ruins map has weapons set up on a rack mounted on the wall with compatible attachments and ammo on the right side of the wall, so its safe to say that running out of ammo and weaponry will not be problem.

Set in the Sanhok meta, the map offers more terrain variety than Warehouse. Made for ambush, this map provides multiple vantage points and places for players to hide. Guns blazing is no longer a viable strategy.

So how does one, come out victorious? Here is a quick guide on how to survive the labyrinth that is ‘The Ruins’

  • A balanced team: Going back to basics is perhaps the best way to start. Unlearning is key, no longer can a team have two snipers and two close quarter combat units. It is crucial for the team to have one sniper to provide cover fire and one assault rifle users along with a SMG user to counter the surprise ambush. Finally, the team requires someone who is well equipped to do all three, whilst having a free role to take advantage of the map.
  • Left flank: The sniper must dominate the left flank of the map, fighting for ownership of the corridor. It is the obvious choice for movement and inexperienced teams will surely make the push from that passage. Easy pickings! However, the Sniper must be covered at his 6 at all times as there is no cover from the back.
  • Tight Defense vis a vis Timed Offence: Predetermined plays and strategies will take you far in this map. Defense based tactics are encouraged, with multiple vantage points and chokepoints advancing without understanding the enemy position could prove lethal. However hidden areas also mean Guerilla Warfare or multiple smaller units rushing enemy strongholds could also prove successful, if the enemy position comprised
  • The John Wick Maneuver – Yes! Slide into DMs with an assault rifles taking out an entire squad waiting to ambush your squad. The latest TDM updated provides the sliding action which lets you surprise your enemies, when they least expect it. Tap crouch button while running and slide into an area while shooting at the enemy.
  • TPP – ‘The Ruins‘ is a TPP haven. The entire map is filled with right angles which gives an abundance of TPP advantage. Knowing the map and its angles could be the difference between life and death. Here is where the individual with the free role plays the most important part, as he is responsible to call the play.
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