Priyanka Chopra named her daughter Malti, the plant of this name is used to treat leucorrhoea and diarrhea

 Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s daughter’s name is being discussed a lot these days. Both have named their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. There is a plant by this name, which is very beneficial for health. This plant is also called Madhumalati.

Madhumalati is a type of vine, which people plant to decorate their homes. This vine can go up many floors by climbing. In this article, we will tell you how to plant this vine and what are its benefits.

First of all let us know by what other names the plant of Malti is known-

  • Biological name is Combretum Indicum
  • Its name in English is – Rangoon creeper
  • In Bengali it is called – Madhumanjari
  • Its name in Telugu is – Radhamanohram
  • In Assamese it is called – Malti

Gives shade in
summer Many plants do not give flowers in the summer season, but this vine is full of flowers. When the plant grows up, holding the support around it, grows rapidly and spreads and covers within a few days. In summer, it gives dense shade and also protects the house from harsh sunlight.

Its flowers change color
, its flowers bloom in clusters of red, pink, white color, its flowers change color. On the first day of sunrise, when its flowers bloom, they are white in color. On the second day the same flowers turn pink and on the third day it turns into deep red color. Changing the color of flowers is a way of attracting different types of insects for maximum pollination.

Some Ayurvedic Benefits of Malti Plant

  • Its decoction also provides relief in cold and cough.
  • To treat leucorrhoea, drink the juice of the leaves and flowers of Malti.
  • If the stomach is feeling full and bloated, then drinking water after boiling its leaves gives relief.
  • The decoction of its roots helps in killing stomach worms.

How can you plant a Malti plant?

  • This is a vine plant, it can be planted in any soil.
  • Plant the Madhumalati plant in a big pot or on the ground.
  • To plant a new plant, its cutting should be done.
  • Take a 3-4 inch long cutting, which should have 2-3 leaves.
  • Now 1 inch part of the pen has to be buried in the soil.
  • Try to keep it in a little shady place.
  • If you want, you can also put a polythene bag over it.
  • Keep giving little water twice a day.
  • Its root will come in a month.
  • Manure made from cow dung or dry leaves can be added to it.

What are the important things to keep in mind while planting Malti plant?

  • This is a vine plant. Therefore, while applying it, keep in mind that there must be some support around it.
  • It will be able to rise up only with the help of support. It should get at least 4 hours of sunlight in a day.
  • In the year in which you are planting this plant, water it at least twice a week.
  • Water once a week in winter or when the roots appear dry. However, as the plant gets older, occasional watering will work.
  • When its vine starts growing more, then prune it, so that it grows properly and the place where you have planted it can enhance the beauty.

On the go, tell why Priyanka named her daughter as Malti
Actually Priyanka and Nick’s daughter’s name is taken from the family of both. Priyanka’s mother’s name is Madhumalti Chopra and Nick’s mother’s name is Denise Marie Miller Jones. That is, a part of the name of grandmother and grandmother was added by Priyanka and Nick with their daughter.

Now finally you can also watch the video of Acharya Balkrishna to know the benefits of Malti plant .

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