Jet Airways Security Clearance Received: Now Jet Airways Flights Are Ready To Fly Soon

New Delhi 12 hours ago

Jet Airways has been given security clearance by the Home Ministry. Once the security clearance is obtained, the company is likely to start its services soon. On May 5, Jet Airways made a test flight from Hyderabad to Delhi. The CEO of the company described it as an ’emotional moment’.

Flights begin in September

Sanjeev Kapoor, the company’s new CEO, said a few days ago that the company plans to launch flights within the July-September quarter, following the renewal of the Air Operators Certificate. The company hopes to get the certificate in early May.

Akash Air also by May-June

Aakash Air Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vinay Dubey said a few days ago that the airline’s first commercial flight will be launched in June. It plans to build a fleet of 18 aircraft in the first 12 months of operations, after which the airline will add 12-14 aircraft each year.

Why are Jet Airways closed?

Jet Airways was started by Naresh Goyal, the founder who became a ticketing agent in the early 1990s. Air India provided an alternative to the people by launching Jet Airways. At one time, the jet had a total of 120 aircraft. The company, which operates under the tagline ‘The Joy of Flying’, operates 650 flights a day during peak hours.

However, with the closure of the company, only 16 aircraft remained. As of March 2019, the company’s loss was Rs. 5,535.75 crores. The company closed on 17 April 2019 due to huge debts.

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