ICICI, HDFC and Overseas Bank changed the interest rates of FD, know where FD will be right now

 ICICI, HDFC and Indian Overseas Bank have recently changed the interest on FD. ICICI Bank is now giving a maximum interest of 5.45% to common citizens while HDFC 5.60% interest on FD. In such a situation, if you are planning to get FD, then we are telling you where it would be right to get FD out of ICICI, HDFC, Indian Overseas Bank, SBI and post office.

Here, see which bank is giving how much interest on FD

Interest on FD of 2 years

Bank Interest Rate (in %)
ICICI 5.00
SBI 5.20
HDFC 5.10
Indian Overseas 5.20
post office 5.50

Interest on FD of 3 years

Bank Interest Rate (in %)
ICICI 5.20
SBI 5.30
HDFC 5.30
Indian Overseas 5.45
post office 5.50

Interest on FD of 5 years

Bank Interest Rate (in %)
SBI 5.40
HDFC 5.45
Indian Overseas 5.45
ICICI 5.45
post office 6.70

Tax is also to be paid on the interest received from FD,
if the interest received on bank FD in a financial year is less than 40 thousand rupees, then no tax has to be paid on it. This limit is for people below 60 years of age. At the same time, income up to 50 thousand rupees from FD of senior citizens above 60 years of age is tax free. 10% TDS is deducted on income above this.

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