WhatsApp voice calls can now connect up to 32 people at the same time; Learn the process |

WhatsApp has launched a new feature. Based on this, users will be able to connect up to 32 people simultaneously under voice calls. Previously, only 8 people could connect on voice calls, but now the limit has been increased. This feature is designed for Android and Apple iOS. Learn how to connect up to 32 people at once with voice calls on WhatsApp.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, WhatsApp increased the limit of group voice and video calls to eight. But now only 32 people can connect on voice calls. Google is rolling out to Android and Apple iOS. WhatsApp FAQs have been updated with new limits

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The updated FAQ section states that 32 people can make voice calls to each other for free using WhatsApp group calls. Apple users can also use the new call limit. At the same time, the listing on the App Store suggests that the new update could add up to 32 people to group calls.

Introducing a new design to connect up to 32 people on a single voice call, it has an updated interface with social audio design, speaker highlights, and waveforms.

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In this, you will make a simple voice call like before and then after taking other users call, you will see the top. By clicking the Add option, you can call the number saved on your phone or the people you chat with on WhatsApp. That way, you can connect up to 32 people at once on a voice call.

2022-04-25 11:59:46

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