Whatsapp chats tension??, take backup and restore (Solved)

Deleting WhatsApp chats often causes a lot of trouble. At the same time, some users always want to save WhatsApp chats. That is why we are telling you here an easy way to backup WhatsApp chats on Android and iOS and restore it on the device.

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Whatsapp remains the most favorite messaging app of millions of users at this time. Through this, users are easily connected to their friends and family. WhatsApp also has the feature of chatting, photo-video sharing as well as voice and video calling in WhatsApp. If we talk about WhatsApp chats, we often need to save the chats for a long time. At the same time, there are some chats that users never want to delete. Chats remain in danger of being deleted due to WhatsApp uninstalling or reinstalling the phone. That is why we are telling you about the special trick here so that you can always backup your WhatsApp chat and keep it saved.

Take backup of such chats in Android

  • – Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots at the top right.
  • – Go to Settings and tap on Chats option.
  • – Tap on the chat backup option below.
  • – After doing this you will get the option of Google Drive Settings.
  • – Now select the ‘Back up to Google Drive’ option.
  • – Here you will get the option to backup shared chats and media files (videos) in WhatsApp. If you want to back up media files too, tap on ‘Include Videos’.
  • – After doing this you have to select the backup time.
  • – Here you can select one according to your need in Never, Only when I tap “Back up”, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  • – Now you have to go to Google account option and enter the email address in which you want to backup the chats.
  • You can decide whether you want to backup via Wi-Fi, cellular or both networks by going to the advanced settings.
  • – Now you have to tap on the backup option to save the chat in Google Drive or Gmail account.

Take backup of such chats

on iOS. To back up WhatsApp chat on iOS, the most important is to turn on iCloud Drive in iPhone. Chats cannot be backed up on iOS without it. After doing this follow these steps:
  • – Open WhatsApp on iPhone.
  • – Tap on the Settings option at the top right.
  • – Then tap on chats.
  • – Tap on the chat backup option given here.
  • – To back up chats on iCloud Drive, tap on the ‘Back Up Now’ option.
  • – If you wish, you can also allow chats to be saved automatically on iCloud. For this, you have to tap on the Auto Backup option.
  • – Like Android, the backup frequency can be set to Daily, Weekly or Monthly in iOS. After changing the phone

, do this. Restore the chats. After

installing WhatsApp in the new phone or reinstalling the old phone, login to WhatsApp with the registered mobile number. After doing this, there will be an option to restore the chats on the screen. To restore chats follow these steps:
  • – On getting notification, tap on Continue to restore chat from Google Drive or iCloud.
  • – To do a backup check on WhatsApp, select ‘Give Permission’.
  • – Now tap on restore.
Explain that if you are switching from Android to iOS then you will not be able to restore WhatsApp chat. This is because chats are saved on Google Drive in Android and iCloud in iOS.
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