This Google Map feature will tell you the live location of the train, learn how to use it this

Google has introduced a special feature for passengers traveling by train. With this function you can know the live location of the train. In addition, you will get complete information even after changing platforms at the station. Many times people miss trains because they don’t have accurate information about the train. But with the help of Google’s Live Train Location feature, passengers will no longer have any problems.

Google has partnered with this app: Google Maps has partnered with the Where’s My Train app for live location. The user can take advantage of this feature of Google Maps. Especially for users whose phones have low storage issues. With this app, users will now be able to get train arrival time, schedule, train delay information and many other information in the app.

Will work across the country: This Google Map feature will work in all cities across the country. This will allow you to find the location directly with the help of the train number. Aside from this, information on how to change the platform at the station will also be readily available.

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Use an app like this

To do this, you must first open the Google Maps application on your phone, then in the search bar you must enter the place you want to go, now to see the status of the train directly you must click on the name of your train Here the user you can also see the names of all the stations that come on that route.

2022-04-11 11:22:05

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