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The Internet has made our lives much easier. But at the same time, many problems have arisen. One of them is online fraud. Everyone knows about the scams that happen on the Internet. However, the incidence of fraud is increasing day by day. If unfortunately you have also been a victim of online fraud, then you can get all your money back by doing this simple task.

Anyone can be a victim of online fraud. If you too have been involved in online fraud, there is a solution you can use to file a complaint and get your money back. The online fraud helpline number is ‘1930’. You can get immediate help by calling this number.

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As soon as you become aware of online fraud, first contact the online fraud helpline number ‘1930’. You can immediately report to this number, after which a ticket will be generated at the Financial Intermediary. Therefore, both the account from which the money is withdrawn and the account from which the money is deposited are closely monitored. This will allow you to recover the money lost in online fraud.

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You must take timely action to recover money lost to online fraud. The sooner an online fraud report is filed, the easier it is to catch the culprits. If you file a complaint on time, you can get your full refund after a thorough investigation.

2022-05-14 10:18:09

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