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Digilocker on Whatsapp: The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has given people a great relief. People will now be able to download PAN card, driving license and other documents with the help of WhatsApp. The ministry announced that citizens will now be able to access the MyGov help desk on WhatsApp to access the Digilocker service. This new feature is very useful if you don’t always have to keep original copies of important documents like PAN, driver’s license.

This will include user authentication by creating a Digilocker account, downloading documents like PAN card, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, all other facilities will be provided on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web users should remember “these” commands; All work will be done instantly.

The MyGov helpdesk feature in WhatsApp is a big step forward for people’s convenience. MyGov Helpdesk will now offer a range of services to people sitting at home through the Digilocker service. Any required document can be downloaded immediately from here. In addition, people will be able to use this facility even in times of difficulty.

Under this, people can keep documents such as PAN card, driver’s license, CBSE X-class pass certificate, vehicle registration certificate (RC), X-class marking sheet, of class XII marks, insurance policy documents, etc.

WhatsApp users from all over the country can access the chatbot by sending a “Hello or Hello or Digilocker” message to the WhatsApp number +919013151515. A feature like Digilocker in WhatsApp, MyGov Chatbot is designed to give citizens access to essential resources and services.

The notification will only go to the administrator after leaving the WhatsApp group; Discover what’s new

In March 2020, during the time of Kovid, MyGov Helpdesk on WhatsApp, previously known as MyGov Corona Helpdesk, provided people with information about Kovid. It also has the facility to reserve and download the vaccination certificate. To date, more than 80 million people have reached the help desk, more than 33 million vaccination certificates have been downloaded, and millions of vaccination visits have been booked across the country.

2022-05-24 11:37:36

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