Nearly nine lakh apps will be removed from the Play Store; Find out the reason behind Google’s ‘Now’ decision

A few days ago, Google banned some apps. Google is now considering removing nearly 9 million apps. You may have downloaded some of these apps. So be careful, because the company has to make such a decision for the safety of users. Today we will learn more about Google’s decision.

Google is preparing to remove 9 lakh apps from the Play Store that do not push their updates. According to the Android Authority, this would reduce the number of apps in the Google app store by a third. Previously, Apple also decided to remove apps from its Play Store that had not released any updates in the last two years. Apple also sent an email to all app developers informing them of this.

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According to the Senate, Google and Apple are taking steps to protect their users. Google will hide from your Plaster the applications that have not been updated. By doing so, users will not be able to download those apps.

According to the report, these older apps don’t take advantage of changes in Android and iOS, newer APIs, and newer methods to improve security. For this reason, older applications are insecure in terms of security. However, the company says there is no shortage of new apps.

2022-05-16 10:26:00

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