It will be cold in summer! Make your car air conditioner shine, read these important tips once

The increased heat causes loss of limbs. We all use different funds to get relief from this. Whether at home or in the car, only a good cooling air conditioner (AC) relieves the heat. It is very difficult to travel by car in summer without air conditioning. If your car’s air conditioner isn’t working properly in the summer, you can use a few tips to increase its cooling. We are giving you effective tips to increase car air conditioning capacity.

Open the glass before turning on the car’s air conditioner.
Remember to ventilate your car before turning on the car air conditioner. That is, open the car window and let the heat inside go out. Doing so will lower the temperature of the car and cool the air conditioner faster.

Have your car’s air conditioning checked regularly
Your car air conditioner needs to be maintained regularly for good air conditioner cooling. Doing so will give the air conditioner better cooling.

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Dirty filters will reduce cooling
The air inlet is blocked if the AC filters are dirty. Therefore, the air conditioner will take some time to cool down and will also consume more fuel. So keep in mind that the AC filters must be clean. They need to be cleaned regularly. Also keep the temperature of the air conditioner at an optimum level.

Take care of the cleanliness of the AC condenser
The car air conditioning condenser is responsible for cooling, and if there is dust or dirt in the airflow of the condenser, the cooling effect will be affected. So please note that the car AC condenser needs to be cleaned regularly.

activate recirculation mode
After turning on the air conditioning in the car, turn on the recirculation mode. By doing this, the air conditioner will only use the air in the car’s cabin, not the outside air. Using this mode, the AC car cools down quickly. Also make sure the car windows are closed tightly while the air conditioner is on. This will cool down the cabin of the car quickly.

Protect the car from direct sunlight and park in the shade
Try not to park the car in direct sunlight. If water is better than car air conditioning, try parking your car in the shade. This will cause the car to heat up less and the air conditioning to cool down better. If the car is parked in the sun, the air conditioner will already be hot and it will take a long time for the car to cool down.

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