Instagram’s ‘Now’ Abandon Feature Will Change The Way You React To Stories; To find out

Instagram offers its users many options to react to stories. Users can reply to other people’s stories with the help of quick reactions, GIFs, and direct messages. All these reactions are shared in the form of DM. But now the company is working on a new way to respond to the story.

According to Alessandro Pluzzi, a popular developer of the Reverse Engineering app, the photo and video sharing app is working on a feature that will allow Instagram users to reply to stories using voice messages.

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A screenshot of an upcoming feature shared by the developer shows the option to send a voice note when replying to a story next to the GIF option in the message bar. Users will be able to record a voice memo in response to an Instagram story by pressing and holding the microphone icon.

The company does not release all the features that work in the background to the public. So it will be important to see if the company releases a new feature for all users of the main app to reply to stories.

2022-03-29 05:58:02

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