Google Maps update, toll tax information | last update on google

Google Maps makes it easy to find a place. This saves time and eliminates the need to go to the wrong place. So today people can go to Google Maps by setting the location instead of asking for the address. So Google Maps is on everyone’s mobile. Now there is another help for drivers through the Google Maps application. Toll information will now be available on Google Maps. Once the location is established to go to the desired place, what is the toll and its charges? Information about this will be available. With this feature, you can decide whether to choose a toll route or a non-toll route.

Google Map users in India, Indonesia, Japan and the US will be informed of toll charges before any trip, Google said. This update has only been released for a few users, but it will be released for everyone later this month. In other countries, this feature will be available later this year. After the latest update, Google Maps will provide information on the toll and its price along with the way users pay. The new feature is available for around 2,000 toll roads.

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The new update will also support Apple Siri, which means you can also use navigation with the help of Apple Siri. The new update will change the way Google Maps is used on Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will now have automatic navigation. Users will also be able to add a “Take me home” shortcut screen.

2022-04-06 10:37:54

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