Good news for WhatsApp users! You can transfer the entire movie in a few minutes.

WhatsApp will soon introduce new features, including the Message Reaction feature and the option to hide recent scenes from specific contacts, and the platform has now started testing a feature that will allow users to access and share large files on its platform. These new features will also make it easier for you to share movies with friends via WhatsApp. Because so far you can only share files up to 100 MB in size with the person in front of you via WhatsApp. But soon, WhatsApp will introduce new features that will allow you to easily transfer a movie or a large file.

You can send files up to 2 GB through WhatsApp

According to a report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon test the “Media File Size” feature in Argentina, which will allow users to share up to 2GB of media files. Initially, this feature will be limited to beta testers in Argentina, and it is not yet clear if this feature will roll out to other regions soon.

This facility will be available for beta testers in Argentina

It will soon be available for beta testers in Argentina on both Android and iOS devices. Currently, due to company restrictions, it is only possible to share files up to 100 (MB) MB. But in modern times, this new feature is more necessary as the size of media files like video is increasing and it is always annoying to send a file that you recorded on your device to a friend. Also, growing apps like Telegram have always offered the same file transfer limits as WhatsApp. Telegram has already introduced the function of transferring files up to 2 GB.

WhatsApp has recently launched a multi-device support feature

WhatsApp recently started to offer multi-device support feature for static build. Specifically, this feature eliminates the need for an online connection to the chat platform on your smartphone that can be used on multiple devices. Users must first have a stable internet connection on their smartphone to use messaging services on any other device, such as a desktop PC or laptop.

2022-03-29 09:34:40

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