Apple Watch ECG Function Save Man’s Life Know How This Function Works

Apple products are famous all over the world due to their unique features. Be it iPhone or Apple Watch. They are helpful to people in many ways. There have been many times when the Apple Watch has saved lives. Recently, a similar case also emerged in India. Here, due to the Apple Watch, a person learned of the danger in time and immediately contacted the doctor and began treatment, which saved his life. Let us know what the whole thing is.

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According to the report, this matter is from Haryana. Nitesh Chopra, 34, who lives here, had chest problems on March 12. Wasting no time, he monitored the ECG from his Apple Watch. After this the watch gave him a message of danger. After this, he immediately arrived at the hospital and began treatment. There the doctors also did the electrocardiogram, then the same report came out, the doctors told him that his main coronary artery was completely blocked and that he could have had a cardiac arrest.

out of danger now

The doctors said that if you were even a little late, you could have lost your life. After all the reports came in, he was treated and is now out of danger. Nitesh said that he had previously ignored the clock’s message. He felt that there could be no heart-related problem at this age, but after receiving constant messages, he took it seriously and began treatment immediately.

Thanks to the CEO of Apple

After getting out of harm’s way, Nitesh and his wife sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook expressing their gratitude. She wrote that thanks to his technology my husband is fine now, thank you. Tick ​​Cook also replied that it is a pleasure that he can receive treatment at the right time. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

What is the ecg function?

Let us tell you that Apple Watch Series 4 and above also have the ECG feature which measures your heartbeat and also saves your report in PDF format. This watch also sends notifications when the heartbeat is fast and low. Your ECG report has also been approved by the FDA.

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