KKR vs MI – Top headlines Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders, 56th Match

When Andre Russell came out to bat on Monday night, Kolkata Knight Riders were 123 for 3 in the 14th over. Russell immediately set to work, hitting a second-ball six off legspinner M Ashwin.
As if on cue, Mumbai Indians brought Jasprit Bumrah back into the attack for the 15th over. He’d only bowled one over so far in the innings, and had clearly been held back for this particular confrontation.

Bumrah’s first ball to Russell was an inch-perfect inswinging yorker, with his exaggerated inward angle making it even more lethal. Russell somehow got his toes out of the way and jammed it out. The next ball wasn’t a proper bouncer; instead it was a hard-length delivery angling into off stump at around chest height. It was neither cuttable nor pullable. There was no width for Russell to be able to free his arms. He still swung hard, and ended up flapping a catch to Kieron Pollard to long-on.
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