The Best Open Source Desktop Software for Your Business

Desktop software can make it easy for you to run and own a successful business for yourself. There are many types of software programs for you to choose from, so it pays to know what you need before downloading anything. Whether you choose a finance software to keep up with money or a scheduling software to keep track of client flow, these programs are going to help you become more successful.

Knowing the Right Software for Your Business

Before downloading any software program, your first step is to figure out what you need as a company. Downloading a finance software can be beneficial if you find that your books are becoming disorganized and you need help establishing a budget. A lot of new businesses fail because of financial issues, so keeping a budget established and organized is going to help you with these types of things.

There are also programs out there available to business owners who need to keep schedules of clients and client information tracked on their computers. If you own the type of business that sees the same clients over and over again, like a doctor’s office or pest control service center, you really want to keep the information on hand for each client who you happen to see. This will give you a much more professional appearance when they actually do come to your office and are looking to make use of your services once again. Scheduling software is designed to keep track of this information and for you to figure out which client is coming in on what day.

How to Find Software for Free

Finding these types of software programs for free can be a little tricky because most of the time, you do have to pay for them. One thing to utilize would be search engines and looking specifically for either business finance programs or scheduling programs that are free to download and use. Certain programs are only trial-based, so they may not have all of the features you need unless you buy and download the full version.

Even though it might seem difficult to find free software for your desktop, it definitely is not impossible. There are quite a number of ad-based programs that allow you to download and use the software in minutes so long as you put up with the ads that are found in it. Most of the time, free programs like this work just as well as the ones you actually pay for and use. You will find that by using this type of software regularly will help to keep your company working professionally so that you do not have to worry about mistakes being made with scheduling or budgeting finances. All businesses should make use of this type of software and knowing that you can get it for free on the Internet will make your life as a brand new business owner a lot easier in the long run.

  • Skype is a great free communication software owned by Microsoft  which gives users access to voice and video messaging and conferencing.  Premium features also allow users to receive lan phone calls on their from the program.
  • Libre Office is a suite much like Microsoft Office, it provides users with a word processor, spread sheet, data base, amongst other tools, it supports all of the MS Office formats and it’s completely free
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is a Email Client which supports standard pop and IMAP  email protocols. It’s very easy to setup and use with Gmail and various other email services.  If MS Outlook is just outside of your budget you should defiantly give thunderbird a try.
  • A Servecorp virtual office may not be free but it can defiantly save you money when compared to a traditional office lease and employee costs. Visit their site learn more.
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