How to Improve Cooling Efficiency in Your Home

Today’s homeowners are concerned about the high cost of energy to cool their homes. They also want to develop an ecofriendly lifestyle that leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Improving cooling efficiency in their homes will lower energy use, and that will lower their utility bills and create a home that is better for the environment. These 6 steps are a great start if you want to know how to improve cooling efficiency in your home.

1. Install a programmable thermostat and use it. This will help you control the HVAC so that it uses less energy. Turn up the temperature when you are gone for the day, and program it to cool down again prior to your return home. Some newer thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled. You can turn up the temperature when you leave and cool it down using your smart phone when you’re on the way home.

2. Maximize the insulation in your attic. Insulation isn’t just for staying warm. It helps keep summer heat from pushing down into your home and making your air conditioner work harder and more expensively to keep your home comfortable.

3. Make sure your attic is properly vented. Heat builds up in the attic during the warm months. Insulation will help keep it out of your home. Getting rid of it is better.

  • Add ridge vent
  • Use vented soffit
  • Install a gable vent or attic ventilation fan

4. Install an attic fan. A quality attic fan that is properly sized for your home can exchange cool outside air for warm inside air very quickly. A fan runs much more efficiently than an air conditioner too. If you return home and the temperature outside is cooler than the temperature inside, the attic fan will push the hot air out of your home while drawing in cooler air through open windows and screened doors.

5. Add weather stripping to windows and doors. This is especially helpful if the windows and doors are old and drafty. Stopping the air leaks will prevent hot air from penetrating in warm weather.

6. Choose energy-efficient HVAC equipment. When you replace your central air conditioner or heat pump, choose a new one with a SEER rating that is much higher. Models that are Energy Star rated begin at 14.5 SEER, but the most efficient models offer 20 SEER or better. You’ll improve cooling efficiency in your home the most with the highest SEER rating.

If you make these changes, they will improve cooling efficiency in your home dramatically. You’ll appreciate lower utility bills while enjoying a cool home that is friendly to the environment.

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