Flipkart Ping Introduced: But now it’s abandoned..!!

flipkart has been one of the most innovative companies of Indian Ecommerce market. They have been known for taking bold steps and setting new standards in the sector. Today Flipkart has launched their brand new feature in their mobile app, known as Flipkart Ping. This unique feature lets buyers chat with their friends before purchasing products.

This lets users help deciding, weather to buy a product or not by directly consulting their friends from within the app by easily telling them about the product. And all this can be done by using simple gestures eg. dragging their friends icon on the product.

Flipkart always tries to understand the users better. As we indians always ask our friends before buying something. Earlier that was a hassle, but now this can be done from within the flipkart app itself.

Flipkart Ping Invites:

Currently the feature has not been rolled out for all users. You have to get an invite to activate the flipkart ping feature.  The users have to get invited by their friends or will be invited by the app itself.


After this game changing move by flipkart, competitiors like Amazon and Snapdeal will  have to come up something very good and unique of their own. From past year we have seen these giants fight for the number one position in the indian ecommerce market, where flipkart has been proved to be the winner. From their big Sale events to their bold and innovative steps Flipkart is giving Amazon and Snapdeal a hard time. Do tell us what you think about the new flipkart ping feature and how you liked it in the comments section below.

New Flipkart office Will make You Wanna Work There

The new Flipkart Office at Cesna Buisness Park, Bangalore is dream-place to work. This
office covers over 2 million-sq-ft of area. It has 11 floors featuring library,
gaming zones,miniature golf,hang out spots and various other installations to give
a awesome working experience to its employees.
Themes on different floors of this new flipkart office vary from art,music,advertising,
technology,science,cinema,business and much more. After announcing perks such as
24 week maternity leave,Adoption Assistance Programme for employees and
Financial Assistance Programme for Merchants Flipkart is on its way to become an ideal
company to work for.
The company has signed India’s single largest office space leasing deal with
Embassy Group for 20 years for this new flipkart ofice.
Check out the below gallery and tell us what do you feel about the new Flipkart office in
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