Year Ender 2022 Learn why this year has been a special one for women’s cricket

End of year 2022: This year has been a very special one for the Indian women’s cricket team. In 2022, the women’s team accomplished many great feats. At the same time some brilliant decisions were also made in favor of the team. The team made the fans happy by winning many spectacular matches. Let us know why the year 2022 has been special for Team India compared to other years.

1 Commonwealth silver medal

In the Commonwealth Games played in 2022, the Indian women’s team performed brilliantly. The team won a total of three games and reached the final. Although the team had to face defeat against Australia in the final. The team earned the silver medal for reaching the final.

2 winners of the Asian Cup 2022

The Indian team won the Women’s Asian Cup again in 2022. This year, the team won the Asian Cup title for the seventh time. The Indian women’s team is the team with the most wins in the Asian Cup so far. The Indian team defeated Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Thailand and Sri Lanka in the Asian Cup final.

3rd ODI series winner in England (3-0)

The Indian women’s team made history while playing on the soil of England. For the first time, the team defeated England 3-0 in the ODI series on their home ground. In this series, the Indian team won by 7 wickets in the first match, by 88 runs in the second match, and by 16 runs in the third match. The team defeated England’s third match at the historic Lord’s ground.

4 Jhulan Goswami’s retirement

In 2022, Indian team veteran fast bowler Jhulan Goswami bid farewell to cricket. Jhulan Goswami, who made his debut in 2002, took a 20-year farewell to cricket. He played a total of 12 Tests, 204 ODIs and 68 T20 Internationals in his international career. He took a total of 355 wickets in his entire career.

Match odds equivalent to 5 male cricketers

This year, the BCCI announced that from now on, women cricketers will also receive match fees equal to men’s. This announcement was made by the BCCI on October 27.

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