Yavatmal: “Great loss of cotton due to fall armyworm, farmers due to depression…

Yavatmal: BJP District Chairman Nitin Bhutada demanded that after studying the measures taken by the University of Telangana, measures for cotton farmers in Yavatmal district be implemented and help be provided through the planning committee from District.

Legend has it that the sage Kadamba discovered cotton in the Kalbam area of ​​the Yavatmal district. The district has record cotton production. Therefore, the Yavatmal district is called a white gold mine. However, due to the continuing calamities, the growing number of farmer suicides in the district has begun to erase the identity of the district. The pink bollworm is plowing the cotton crop. In such a situation, the Guardian Minister should take concrete measures for the district annual fund farmers and preserve the identity of the district, Nitin Bhutada demanded.

Cotton is grown on five lakh hectares in the district. The increased incidence of pink link larvae in this cotton has caused huge losses to farmers over the last four or five years. In such a scenario, the government must strongly support the farmers. The government needs to plan measures. Rs 400 million is planned every year under the district annual planning committee, but it does not even provide rocks for farmers. Bhutada appealed to the Guardian Minister, Sandipan Bhumare, to take immediate action as farmers must be given priority in the district’s annual planning.

To date, cotton farmers have not received a single rupee from the crop insurance scheme. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this serious matter. Bhutada demanded that the district planning committee, when planning the expenditure of its funds, should give priority to farmers and provide financial assistance for the solution of the pink bond larvae, as well as the provision of mechanical assistance and similar special measures of protection. district planning.

Cotton is included in the crop insurance scheme, but due to the apathy of the authorities, no such report has been submitted to the government. As a result, the farmer is deprived of crop insurance. As a result, farmers’ confidence in the crop insurance scheme is declining, Bhutada said.

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The farmer is in a state of depression as the cotton crop has been severely damaged by the fall armyworm. Many people are injured and many die each year in the district due to wild animals. In addition, wildlife causes extensive damage to crops. Bhutada said that the administration must take immediate action in this regard.

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