World Environment Day: Two friends saved plastic bottles.

World Environment Day: an ecological house made with plastic bottles by two friends

The concept of green housing was suggested during the lockout period in Corona

Kalyani and Namita who build ecological houses

Two friends from a small house built in a wall shack, using recyclable plastic bags in discarded drinking water bottles. The model, erected by Kalyani Bharamba and Namita Kapale of Aurangabad, will open for viewing on the occasion of World Environment Day tomorrow (June 5) at the Sharanapur fork in Daulatabad Road.

By collecting 16,000 non-recyclable water bottles and plastics found in the city, a round, house-like hut has been established in a size of 34 by 11, 11 by 15, 20 by 20, 22 by 22 in an area 4,000 square feet. The use of bricks in construction is completely avoided. Non-recyclable plastic bags are packed in airtight containers on the manure heap. The walls of such bottles are 9 inches wide for each house.

Kalyani and Namita, who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Government Arts College, Aurangabad, said the concept of green housing was suggested during the lockout in Corona. As we learned more about this, we saw projects being carried out in Guwahati using plastic discarded by school children. I studied it. Estimates for the execution of the project. It costs 3 to 4 lakh rupees. The project was called Wawar. We both belong to the common house.

Use for earthquake prone areas –

“There is an undue fear of houses collapsing in areas prone to earthquakes or noise coming from the ground. Green houses can be built in such areas. Use discarded plastic. Care should be taken only in the form of work such as repairing houses of earlier times. These ecological walls can be built in farms, hotels, dhabas. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.” That’s what Kalyani and Namita have said.

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