“Wife’s day should be like mother’s day,” Ramdas Athavale wished; …

A lawsuit made two days ago by Ripai President Ramdas Athavale, who is always in the spotlight due to his naughty poems, is currently under discussion. The lawsuit has drawn mixed reactions. Ramdas Athavale was present at the award ceremony held at Rajmati Nalgonda Patil Kanya Mahavidyalaya in Sangli on the occasion of Mother’s Day. This demand has been made by Ramdas Athavale in his speech and a discussion has been started about it. Furthermore, Ramdas Athavale has also evoked childhood memories of him.

“Mother’s day should be like wife’s day”

“It’s Mother’s Day, it’s Mother’s Day. But just like Mother’s Day, it should be Wife’s Day. Our wives have a very important place in our lives. They have a great contribution in shaping us.” Ramdas Athavale said.

Ramdas Athavale’s memoirs on mother

Meanwhile, speaking this time, Ramdas Athavale has remembered his mother. “When my father was in Mumbai when I was 6 months old, he suddenly got a fever and died. My father left and my mother continued to work in the fields. I wanted my son to learn and grow up like Babasaheb. My mother, who was not not even a day to school, she always felt her son should learn,” said Athavale.

“I wasn’t in the mood for a job”

“Even though my mother wanted me to work, I wasn’t in the mood to do it,” Athavale said. “After I moved to Mumbai, my mother thought that she should get a job. But I wasn’t in the mood to do the work. I continued to work full time. My mother stood behind me,” she said.

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