“When it’s time to go to jail”; Kirit Somayya’s…

“When it’s time to go to jail”; Anil Parab’s reaction to Kirit Somaiya’s accusations

Kirit Somaiya had expressed his fear that the Mansukh of Vibhas Sathe might become Hiren.

On May 27, the ED raided seven locations belonging to Shiv Sena leader and state transport minister Anil Parab. The ED had raided a total of seven locations, including Mumbai, Pune and Ratnagiri. Anil Parab was also raided at the house of Vibhas Sathe, who was selling land in Dapoli, in Kothrud. Now Anil Parab has commented on this while he was speaking to the media in Pune.

“I am not obliged to answer any of Kirit Somaiya’s questions. Kirit Somaiya means that there is no investigation mechanism. They have the right to complain and have done so. I promise to answer any questions that may arise. If they ask any more questions, I will answer,” said Anil Parab.

“I bought the Vibhas Sathe land and then sold it. My transaction is very transparent. Those who built the complex have taken responsibility for it. All the documents have been handed over to the investigating agencies. The ED has already been investigated. Once again Shilya Kadhi is being defamed. So we will not respond with Kirit Somaiya. The system will investigate and the truth will come out,” said Anil Parab.

“When it’s time to go to jail, he tells me where to go. Complain to Kirit Somaiya when appropriate. The government will take care of that,” said Anil Parab.

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