What steps will the state government now take to reserve OBC? Ajit Pawar made it clear,…

The issue of the OBC reservation has been a topic of discussion in the state for the past two days. The Supreme Court has allowed the Madhya Pradesh government to hold local elections with reservations from the OBC. After the court accepted the Imperial Data Report submitted by the Madhya Pradesh government for this, now the Maharashtra government is being criticized by the opposition. BJP has criticized the Maharashtra government for not achieving what Madhya Pradesh achieved. In this context, what steps will the Maharashtra government take after the Supreme Court decision? Deputy Chief State Minister Ajit Pawar has clarified the role in this regard.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government in Madhya Pradesh has received relief from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has allowed the holding of local body elections in the state with reservation of the OBC. At the same time, the court has clarified that the reserve must not exceed 50 percent. Previously, the high court had ordered that the elections be held without reservations from the OBC. Following this, the Shivraj government had filed a review petition with the court. The court has ruled on this.

“Effort is what the Lord says.”

A bhajan competition was organized in the Mumbai jail. After that, while speaking to the media, Ajit Pawar commented on this. “Just as the Madhya Pradesh government went to the Supreme Court after receiving the Bathia Commission report, we will make our statement after the Bathia Committee report is released in June. On the land of Madhya Pradesh, we will do everything “We will do our best to get CBOs represented in Maharashtra by not allowing more than 50 per cent of the seats. We have started working accordingly. Proving is up to you. We call it the Lord of Effort. It is expected to be done that way.” said Ajit Pawar.

“The Bathia Committee has been appointed to collect Imperial data. We have also seen the report from Madhya Pradesh. We welcome the verdict of the judiciary. But after giving the imperial data, we will try to get the same result as Madhya Pradesh,” said Ajit Pawar.

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Ajit Pawar’s response to BJP criticism

“The legislature unanimously passed the bill on the OBC reservation. There was cross-party discussion. There were different opinions. Action was taken under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray without taking politics out of it. After the bill was passed bill, the governor also signed it. It was implemented. Even today, the Supreme Court has not declared the bill illegal,” said Ajit Pawar.

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