“What is the relationship between Sharad Pawar and Fadnavis”; Shahu Maharaj’s…

“What is the relationship between Sharad Pawar and Fadnavis”; Statement by Nana Patole referring to Shahu Maharaj

Shahu Maharaj Chhatrapati’s finger is in BJP; Nana Patole’s statement

Shahu Maharaj Chhatrapati’s finger is in BJP; Nana Patole’s statement

Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis has said there is no need to say who will be affected by Shrimant Shahu Maharaj Chhatrapati’s statement in western Maharashtra. In reaction to this, the state president of Congress, Nana Patole, criticized the BJP. I don’t know what the relationship is between Sharad Pawar and Fadnavis, said Nana Patole.

“Shrimant Shahu Maharaj Chhatrapati’s statement is clear and he has pointed the finger at the BJP. So it will be clear in the future who stands to gain or lose from his statement. Fadnavis is criticizing rich Shahu Maharaj Chhatrapati’s statement because the BJP is losing money.” Nana Patole said.

What a thing! After Shahu Maharaj sided with him, Uddhav Thackeray had a conversation on the phone; Making sure, he said, “I love you.”

“Some people made a script for Maharaj”; Devendra Fadnavis’ reaction to Shahu Maharaj’s claim

“His father is pointing the finger at the BJP for the Sambhaji Maharaj dilemma. Fadnavis takes the name Pawar while Pawar takes the name Fadnavis. I don’t know what the connection is between Sharad Pawar and Fadnavis,” Patole said. “The BJP is hiding the real situation in the country through social media. In fact, the situation in India is the same as in Sri Lanka,” said Patole.

What did Fadnavis say?

“Shahu Maharaj is our Chhatrapati so no matter what I say I will not speak in that context. In this regard Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati clearly tweeted that I am reminding Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that what I said was true. I think the reaction is The only thing that makes me sad is that some crazy people have misinformed the maharaja. Those people do not understand that by giving such information to Maharaj, they are lying to Sambhaji Raje. On the other hand, Shahu Maharaj and Sambhaji Raje are trying to show that there is some distance. I am very sad for those who do that work, “said Devendra Fadnavis.

“Yuvraj Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati’s leadership improved in the last six years and it is happening now. There is an affection for him in the Maratha community and in Bahujan Samaj, and in such a situation, after such leadership was formed and that also in western Maharashtra, the BJP has not suffered any loss. I don’t need to say who is at a disadvantage. So anyone who knows about politics can understand who will make such an effort so that the Sambhaji Raje leadership is not formed,” Fadnavis said. .

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