‘We are going to focus on solving traffic problems in urban areas’; Citizen-police in rural areas too…

Nagar: Ensuring that we will pay attention to solve traffic problems in the city, Nashik Division Police Inspector General Dr. B. G. Shekhar said police officers would no longer be present at village meetings, police and civic interaction rallies would be organized in rural areas, and a rendition plan would be put in place for fugitives charged with serious crimes such as robbery and breaking and entering.

Inspector General of Police Dr. At the initiative of Shekhar, a meeting of policemen and citizens was organized in the city on Monday night in the presence of social activist Anna Hazare. At that time, Dr. Shekhar was speaking. In addition to political officials, distinguished citizens from various parts of the city were invited to the meeting.

At this time, Dr. Shekhar said that such a meeting is helpful in correcting the mistakes of the police. But citizens must also respond responsibly. Good people should also be involved in police work for law and order. Five thousand 200 village guards were trained in the Nagar district. Your convention will be held in the city.

Hazare said such meetings should be held in all districts. Therefore, the problems of citizens arise, there is an exchange of ideas, which helps to create law and order. District Police Superintendent Manoj Patil explained the purpose of the demonstration. Additional Police Superintendent Saurabh Kumar Agrawal thanked them. Various suggestions were made by Bhupali Nisal, Arshad Sheikh, Mahendra Kulkarni, Rajendra Kataria, Kishore Munot, Sudhir Lanka, Dr Anil Athare, Swapnil Munot, Narendra Firodia, Ashok Sonawane. The poem was submitted by Subhash Sonawane.

Various suggestions from citizens.

Solve traffic problems in the city, disrupt road traffic, park unattended vehicles, increase sand smuggling in the district, control rising crime, gain political support, implement a window scheme for your permit as the number of movies and web series in and around the city Citizens suggested that another police post should be established in MIDC, a gram sabha should be organized on expectations of police in rural areas, interaction between police and citizens It should be done every two to four months. We will take note of these suggestions and try to solve them, assured Dr. Dada by Shekhar.

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