Water supply for one day from Saturday in the city of Ratnagiri Water supply for one day…

Ratnagiri: In case of prolonged rains, the water supply to the city of Ratnagiri will not be interrupted. According to the plan, the lower part and the upper part of the city will be divided into the upper part on Saturday and the lower part on Sunday. With this method, the water supply will continue throughout the day for the next week.

Ratnagiri City gets its water from Shil Dam, Panwal Dam, Lake Nachane and Mirjole MIDC Dam. But after the implementation of the new piped water scheme, MIDC’s water supply stopped. Meanwhile, Lake Nachane and the Panwal Dam have run out of water. Therefore, the burden of the entire city’s water supply has fallen on the Shil dam. The dam has a storage capacity of 0.589 gallons of water on Wednesday. From this dam 20 MLT of water is supplied to the inhabitants of the city every day. According to this calculation, there is enough water in this dam from June 5 to 6. Therefore, there is a fear of water shortage in the city due to the prolonged arrival of the rains. The water level has been lowering due to the rapid evaporation of water from the dam due to rising temperatures. However, even if the water supply is restored within a day, it will be adequate and at the right pressure, he added.

The water supply in the upper part of the city on Saturdays is as follows: Sanmitranagar, Ambeshet, Lambechal, Malnaka, Maruti Mandir, S. v Road, Hindu Colony, Thiba Palace Road, Anandnagar, Vishwanagar, Nutannagar, Abhudayanagar, Udyamnagar, Narhar Vasahat, Shivajinagar, Salvi Stop, Rameshnagar, Chhatrapati Nagar, Sahakar Nagar, Vishnunagar, Navlai Nagar, Char Rasta Majgaon Road, State Bank Colony, Municipal Colony, Ekta Marg, Rajapurkar Colony, Kokannagar (Old), Kokannagar (Phase No. 4 ) and Kirtinagar.

The following are the water supply towns in the lower part of the district on Sunday: Zadgaon, Tilak Ali, Sherenaka, Teli Ali, Joshi Paland, Varchi Ali, Khalchi Ali, Laghu Udyog, Murugwada, Mirkarwada, Rajwadi, 80 ft. Rahul Colonia, Fatima Nagar, Azad Nagar and Kumbharwada.

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