VIDEO: “Please don’t kill mommy”; The girl’s plea for life, …

A prickly video in the Krishinagar area of ​​Akola district is going viral on social media. In this video, the accused husband is seen inhumanely beating his wife. At this time, her daughter is heard begging her father not to kill her mother. As a result, angry reactions against the accused husband are surfacing on social media.

The name of the husband who hit his wife in the video is Manish Kamble. According to the information received, the couple has been arguing for the last few years. The man kept his wife in the dark and remarried. Following this, on Wednesday (May 25) afternoon, a man inhumanely beat his wife for a reason. The wife has accused her husband of trying to kill her.

Watch the video:

What is special is that while this beating is taking place, you can also see some women standing. However, no one stepped forward to save the victim from being hit.

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The victim’s daughter also pleaded that the mother not be killed. However, the defendant continued to beat his wife. After some time, the defendant released the victim. The victim then filed a complaint against the accused husband with the Civil Lines Police. Defendant Manish was brought to court by the police, while the District Court of First Instance granted him bail.

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