UPSC Result: Kolhapur Engineers Success in ‘UPSC’ Exam

UPSC Result: Kolhapur Engineers Success in ‘UPSC’ Exam

Jump from fruit vendor to collegiate officer; Also the striking performance of the primary teacher’s son.

(Swapnil Mane and Ashish Patil)

Two engineers from Kolhapur district have been successful in the Central Public Service Competitive Examination. Swapnil Tukaram Mane went from being a fruit vendor to a chartered officer. Ashish Ashok Patil, the son of a primary school teacher, has made a spectacular leap.

The results of the Central Competency Examination were announced on Monday. Ashish Ashok Patil from Salshi (Tal. Shahuwadi) got rank 563 and Swapnil Tukaram Mane from Siddhanerli (Tal. Kagal) got rank 578 B.

Hard work pays off –

Swapnil Mane’s arduous journey is inspiring. While he was in fourth grade, his mother Vaishali passed away in 2006 and two years later his father Tukaram Mane, who ran a small condo business, passed away. He was raised by his grandparents. The family consists of married sister Pragya, educated sister Snehal. Swapnil, who has been competing in speech contests since childhood, began teaching 10th and 12th graders while studying engineering. He also worked as a fruit vendor. After studying engineering at Gargoti, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Pune. Since then he had focused on competitive exams.

Size of Ashish in Pune –

Ashish Patil was smart in studies from his childhood. He placed third in the state on the fourth scholarship exam. He had succeeded in the National Wisdom Examination which was to be held on the 10th. He wanted to study at Fergusson College in Pune. He graduated from Pune with a degree in ENTC Engineering. From here he began to study for competitive exams. For some time he received guidance from an organization in New Delhi. He had passed the preliminary round in the first exam last year. He failed to make it to the second round. At the same time, he was determined to succeed next year. Avoiding the mistakes of the past, this time he has stubbornly passed the exam.

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