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The Supreme Court has suspended the OBC’s reservation in local body elections in Maharashtra. However, on the other hand, assuming the Madhya Pradesh report, they have been allowed to hold local body elections as per OBC reservation. Following this, allegations are being made in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, the state’s Housing Minister and NCP leader, Jitendra Awhad, has commented on the OBC’s reservation. He was speaking to the media in Mumbai.

“If the OBC reservation was in the hands of Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray, I would have settled next to him. The OBC reservation decision is based on the principles dictated by the Supreme Court. This is an issue in the Supreme Court and it is not our prerogative to politicize it. If there is pragmatism, we must accept that all this is pending in the Supreme Court,” said Jitendra Awhad.

Maharashtra Attorney General’s Mistakes on the OBC Reserve Issue, But…” Nana Patole’s Serious Accusations

Speaking further, he said, “The way the Banthia Commission is working and collecting data, the decision of the Supreme Court will be 100 percent in favor of Maharashtra and the way will be paved for the OBC reservation.”

Mistakes of the Maharashtra Attorney General in the OBC reservation issue – Patole

Congress state chairman Nana Patole has seriously accused the Maharashtra Attorney General of making mistakes on the issue of OBC booking. Nana Patole said, “The OBC Congress cell and OBC organizations have demanded that the upcoming local body elections be held with reservations from the OBC. Therefore, I gave a statement to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. We have often said that the Maharashtra Attorney General has made many mistakes on the OBC reservation issue. I have often suggested this.”

“What Miracle Happened In Madhya Pradesh In One Week?”, Nana Patole Criticizes BJP Over OBC Booking Result

Fadnavisanna Tola –

Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis was criticized by Jitendra Awhad for saying that Hanuman should leave Chalisa and talk about gasoline and diesel. Devendra Fadnavis criticized the state government for reducing the value added tax on gasoline and diesel. Speaking on the occasion, Jitendra Awhad took note of his statement.

Devendra Fadnavis is the leader of the opposition in the state. Because it’s late? They are aware of gasoline, diesel, employment of the poor,” said Jitendra Awhad.

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