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Coronavirus India: Considering the corona cases in the country, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has written a letter to the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation. In this letter, the ministry has been given random tests and some guidelines. It is written in the letter that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is closely monitoring the growing Kovid situation and has also given guidelines to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

The Secretary of Health issued guidelines for the Ministry of Civil Aviation, saying that the Ministry must ensure that random samples of 2 percent of the total passengers on a flight go to Kovid research. The airline will identify the passengers who are allowed to leave the airport after sampling. Samples with positive sample tests will be submitted for genome sequencing. However, in the guidelines given, the above guidelines have been revised. The new ones are as follows-

You know, what is the guideline?

  • Random testing must be done upon arrival of 2 percent of subsections of total passengers on a flight.
  • The airline will identify the passengers, even if they are from different countries.
  • After the passengers are tested, they will send their samples. They will be allowed to leave the airport.
  • Reports of positive inbound travelers will be shared with the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program at So that it can be shared with the state or region in question for further action.
  • If a passenger tests positive, their samples must be sent for genomic testing to the INSACOG network of laboratories.
  • This system will come into force on Saturday, December 24, 2022 from 10 a.m.

PM Modi also advised to monitor the airport

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a high level review meeting on Corona. Also at this meeting, Prime Minister Modi had advised to keep more vigilance at international airports. Apart from this, he also asked to focus on increasing genome sequencing and testing. At this meeting, the Ministry of Health provided detailed information to Prime Minister Modi.

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