“The revelation that he is the father of the gods…”; The Brahmin Federation said…

A meeting of Brahmin organizations was organized in the presence of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar on Saturday 21 May against the background of accusations of growing communal divisions and anti-Brahmin sentiments in the state. The Brahmin Federation, however, declined the invitation. Sharad Pawar has demanded that the position regarding the statements made by Minister Chhagan Bhujbal and Amol Mitkari be announced first. Meanwhile, the president of the Brahmin Federation of India, Anand Dave, said there were some reasons for refusing to attend the meeting.

The whole idea of ​​our disgust to Pawar
“On Saturday night, April 21, Sharad Pawar called a meeting with the Brahmin organizations. This is the first time in the last 40 years that Pawar has called for such a discussion. Those who have mediated the message say that you should all come and tell Pawar why you’re unhappy. But Pawar is fully aware of our upset,” said Dave.

Ketki also commented on the Chitale case.
“Ketki Chitale was completely lost. But you also criticized her. If Pawar had forgiven Ketki and asked her to drop the crime, it would have been too big,” Dave said. has not registered any cases against Mitkari,” said Dave.

Criticism of Purandaren
“After his agitation, society woke up across the state. However, he criticized Babasaheb Purandare. (Possibly no one is criticizing the deceased.) Some organizations will definitely attend this meeting. Good luck to them. We never tell the There’s nothing else to do,” Dave said. “Before deciding on my role, I personally spoke with all of the trustees and the CEO and sought their views. This is what they are talking about with their colleagues even during the ride today,” said Dave.

They use the Brahmin community for political gain.
“We have no personal opposition to Pawar. The Brahmin community in his constituency is also unhappy with him, but it is certain that he uses the Brahmin community for political gain,” Dave claimed. He also demanded that they clarify their position regarding the statements by Mitkari and Bhujbal.

Other political parties sat down to talk
“Of course, it is equally unfortunate that at a time when Pawar or NCP leaders are talking about caste, other political parties are also silent,” added Dave.

The revelation of being the father of the gods.
“Samarth Ramdas, Konddev, Gadkari statues, Puneri Pagadi, Sambhaji Brigade, Shrimant Kokate, Babasaheb Purandare are some of the old topics that need to be put aside, but even after the Parva problem they should have asked Mitkari to take the word back. But the next day he told the story of Shahu Maharaj and Jyotish. On the same platform, in his presence, Bhujbal shuddered again as he used the words: “Purohits do business (not business).” He also gave erroneous examples backup,” Dave said. “He was revealed to be the father of the gods, but only yesterday, Parva,” Tolahi Dave said.

No official will attend the meeting.
This meeting is taking place through Pradip Garatkar. They are in contact with all Brahmin organizations. We have respect and honor for them. But this is not the time to meet Pawar on a public platform. We believe that the distance will increase even more. That is why no official from the Brahmin Federation will be attending this meeting,” explained Dave.

Where will the meeting take place?
The meeting will be held today at 5 pm at the Nisarg Mangal office in the Marketyard area at the initiative of NCP District Chairman Pradip Garatkar. 20 to 22 Brahmin organizations will be present at this meeting. A large police contingent will be deployed for the meeting, and security personnel are not allowed to bring any items, such as pens. After this meeting, the tense atmosphere in the state will clear, Garatkar said.

What does the PNC say?
Political parties, meanwhile, are working with all elements of society. Currently, the political climate in the state is somewhat tainted. The purpose of this meeting is to dispel misconceptions in the minds of the Brahmin community that have been instrumental in building the nation. Most of the Brahmin organizations in the state have been invited. Some organizations are affiliated with political parties. So they feel the politics in this. However, the meeting will try to communicate and keep the atmosphere in the community healthy, Garatkar said.

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