The rains lashed the district, including Kolhapur; Major property damage

The rains lashed the district, including Kolhapur; Major property damage

Power outages caused traffic jams due to falling trees

Rains hit the district including Kolhapur this (Thursday) night. The city of Kolhapur was flooded in a short time due to strong winds, hail and heavy rain. Falling trees caused problems such as power outages, waterlogging and traffic jams. Citizens, including farmers, expressed their satisfaction at the start of the rains.

The observatory has forecast above-average rainfall this year. The weather department had forecast the arrival of monsoon rains in the first week of June. The district administration had warned of heavy rain with strong winds tonight. This prediction came true.

The rains started in Panhala, Shahuwadi, Radhanagari, Bhudargad and Ajra talukas of the district. It started to rain in the city of Kolhapur soon after. A strong wind blew. Lightning was thundering. The children ran to collect the hail.

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It has been raining heavily for over an hour. Due to the rains, the gutters began to overflow. There was water everywhere on the trail. The city was soon flooded. Rainwater leaked into the store. The line of street vendors exploded. In the low-lying areas of Shahupuri and Laxmipuri, only one cable blew out at night due to water intrusion into houses. It almost rained to get home. As usual, MSEDCL cut the power when the wind picked up. This forced me to spend time in the dark. Trees fell in some parts of the city. This caused traffic problems.

Caveat –

Thunderstorms with thunderstorms and gusts up to 30-40 kmph are expected in parts of Sangli and Kolhapur districts. Please take precautions when leaving home in Ratnagiri in the next 3-4 hours. Such a warning has been given by IMD.

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