The polarizing atmosphere before the CM meeting; From development issues…

The polarizing atmosphere before the CM meeting; Aggressive opposition on development issues

Before Wednesday’s CM meeting, Shiv Sena prepared a 15-question MIM quiz.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray

Suhas Sardeshmukh Loksatta

Aurangabad: ‘Yes, this is just Sambhajinagar’, ‘Where attitude is Razakari, there is Shiv Sena War-Kari’ banners have been handed out ahead of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s public meeting, indications have been given that Shiv Sena will raise the slogan of Hindutva. On the other hand, the BJP and the MIM are preparing to address the issue of water and development.

Although Shiv Sena has started preparations to raise the name change issue again by putting up a sign saying ‘Yes, this is Sambhajinagar’, the Chief Minister’s statement on the matter may prove to be a problem for them. On the other hand, the accusation that the MIM is a party affiliated with Razakara has started to create an atmosphere to convey the message that Shiv Sena’s Hindutva is different from and more aggressive than the BJP and MNS.

Shiv Sena has attacked Imtiaz Jalil, a parliamentarian wearing a saffron headdress at Aurangzeb’s tomb in Khulatabad in Aurangabad district, accusing him of having a Razakar mentality and attitude. But before that, the act of prostrating was just a part of the Muslim custom. MP Imtiaz Jalil said that Aurangzeb is not MIM’s role model and we have nothing to do with Razakar. In an interview with Loksatta, MP Khalil said that it was wrong for him to blame Muslims for the defeat of the Mughals and the Nizam 400 years ago. The contradiction between the action performed and the role expressed by escaping the key is also criticized.

On the one hand, while the Shiv Sena is giving the message that the voice of Hindutva is more aggressive, the criticism of the BJP and the MIM has gone along the same lines for their association with the Congress and the NCP. Criticism of the corporation’s management is likely to start again now. When the management of NMC was in the hands of the Shiv Sena leadership, it was weakening. He had the same support from BJP. But after the appointment of administrators in the Corona period, various Smart City activities began in the city. The message that at least something positive was happening began to emerge from the administration. Although the Guardian Minister Subhash Desai gave a real push to bring about positive changes in the administration. Therefore, Shiv Sena takes credit for the change in the problem of the road and garbage. It was also alleged that the administrator Astik Kumar Pandey listens more to the Shiv Sena or even the Guardian Minister. The fact that the Shiv Sena, as the ruling party, has not kept pace with the progress made during the administrative period is unlikely to last until the election campaign. Because now Shiv Sena comes up with a strategy to center the campaign around the Razakari attitude.

Ahead of Wednesday’s CM meeting, MIM has prepared a 15-question quiz for Shiv Sena to talk about development issues, in which the exact month in which Aurangabad will get abundant and timely water is to be announced. There are 15 questions about what will be done for the sports college that was sanctioned in Aurangabad but moved to Pune, when the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will be completed, when the approved Institute of Planning and Architecture will be started. , when will international airlines start?

bjp strategy The BJP, which has been in the alliance for many years, never got involved in the water issue because of us. Jalkrosh Morcha was formed to convey the message that the question is simmered only by Shiv Sena. It was also successful. So while the BJP is still preparing to surround the Shiv Sena on the water issue, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray took stock of the water issue in Mumbai. Sunil Kendrakar, an officer with indifferent identity, instructed to pay attention to these questions. Therefore, Shiv Sena has given the message that the government is attentive to solve the water problem. But it is said that until the elections, development issues will be sidelined and the elections will be on the brink of polarization.

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