The India-China central commander level meeting was held at Chushul Moldo on…

India-China conflict: On December 9, there was a violent clash between the Indian and Chinese army in the Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh. Some soldiers from both sides were injured in the skirmish. The situation between the two countries has remained tense ever since. At the same time, to keep the peace in Ladakh, a commanders level meeting was held between India and China. Senior army officers were present at this high level meeting.

The Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the 17th round of the India-China Corps Commander-level meeting was held in Chushul Moldo, Ladakh on Dec. 20. Both sides agreed to keep peace in the western region.

A foreign ministry spokesman said the meeting reviewed the decisions made at the previous meeting held on July 17. The meeting also discussed the agreement reached in the western sector. “Both sides have agreed to maintain security and stability on the ground in the western sector and to maintain dialogue through military and diplomatic channels and work on a mutually acceptable resolution,” the spokesman said.

Clash in Tawang

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Significantly, the Indian Government has been in action since the last border skirmish with China in Arunachal Pradesh. The Union Defense Minister also blamed Chinese soldiers for the violent clash in Tawang. He had said in Parliament that the Chinese soldiers had tried to infiltrate, but the Indian soldiers gave a proper response to China. However, the opposition has criticized the government over the China issue.

Blank opposition government

For the past few days, the issue of China has been resonating in both chambers. The opposition wants the government to discuss the China issue in Parliament, but the speaker has not yet accepted the opposition. The head of the Parliamentary Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi, on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the government over the “invasion of China” on the border, saying the government’s refusal to hold a discussion on this important issue in Parliament is a disrespect for democracy and the role of government throughout the episode Silence is a matter of great concern.

‘The whole country is with the Jawans’

The former speaker of Congress said: “China’s continued encroachment on our border is of great concern. The whole country stands with our alert soldiers, who have failed to attack China under difficult circumstances. He refuses to hold a discussion. The The result is that political parties and the public are unaware of the real situation on the ground.

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