The Current Financial Year Is not Extended – Official Report – New Delhi

NEW DELHI: The Center is keeping a check on the news that the current 2019–20 fiscal year is likely to continue till June, following Coroner’s involvement with the company. The Center has made it clear that such rumors should not be believed. The financial year ended 31.3.2020. The central government said it would not extend the current 2019-20 fiscal year and end March 31. The Ministry of Finance said that the notification issued by the Government of India on March 30, 2020 regarding some other amendments to the Indian Stamp Act was incorrect. “There is no extension of the fiscal year,” the finance ministry said. Traditionally, each financial year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year.

It was reported that the Center extended India’s fiscal year by 3 months due to coronary disturbances. They suggest starting from July 1, 2020, rather than April 2020. However, the Finance Ministry has clarified these estimates. On the other hand, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has extended the filing of personal income tax filing and GST filing in the period of Pan-Aadhaar linking till June 30 as the financial year ends on March 31.

Gold purchases are rising in the wake of the IMF chief’s comments that the world is facing severe economic recessions. Gold prices internationally benefited from long-term recession concerns. MCX Gold April futures in the domestic market, leading to a slight 0.02 per cent on March 30, ten grams   of gold price. At 43,580. June futures fell 0.6 per cent to Rs. Increased to 43,302. In the same pass, the price of silver (May futures) fell by 3% per kg. The price of a kilo of silver is currently Rs. Continuing at 39,758. 

Experts believe that the rally is likely to continue on the multi-commodity exchange (MCX), which has been trading for gold for the past 12 years and has not been good in the past 12 years. LKP Securities Research Analyst Jatin Trivedi predicts that investors will be more inclined to buy every time gold prices fall. Despite the trend of oscillating with the gain of the traders, the price of ten grams was Rs. Technical support at 39500.

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