“The culture of introducing confusion and throwing eggs in the party program of the ministers…

Politics in the state is currently heating up due to the political turmoil at the book publishing show held at Balgandharva Rangmandir in Pune on Monday. CPN activists chanted slogans on the Smriti Irani program. After that, both parties started making accusations against BJP officials for raising their hands against NCP leader Vaishali Nagwade. A case has been registered against the BJP worker in this regard. On this issue, NCP MLA Rohit Pawar appealed to Assembly Leader of the Opposition Devendra Fadnavis and BJP State Chairman Chandrakant Patil and targeted the BJP. While responding to this criticism on Twitter, Chandrakant Patil criticized NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar and Congress.

What exactly happened?
The event, which featured Smriti Irani as the main guest, was interrupted on Monday. Congress and NCP workers raised black flags and staged protests. During the show, the NCP women activists started shouting slogans and there was an unprecedented commotion in the room. In this, the NCP claimed that the NCP women were beaten by the BJP workers. Smriti Irani was the main guest at the launch event for the book based on the life of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Before her speech, slogans such as ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jai’, ‘Bharatiya Janata Paksha Vijay Aso’ and ‘Jai Shriram’ were chanted. At the same time, NCP women activists chanted ‘Mahatma Gandhi Ki Jai’ from the balcony. Then the program was interrupted for some time. The police arrested five women activists, including CPN activist Vaishali Nagwade. The NCP has complained that these women activists were beaten at the time.

What did Rohit Pawar say?
MLA Rohit Pawar has focused on BJP on this issue. “It is highly reprehensible that a female BJP worker is beaten by male BJP workers for trying to make a statement in memory of Smriti Tai, who once took to the streets to protest against inflation while getting a gas cylinder for 350 rupees.” . Rohit Pawar tweeted.

Rohit Pawar also said in his tweet that “BJP has already destroyed the level of politics, now at least the culture of Maharashtra should not be destroyed and this beating case should be thoroughly investigated and strict action should be taken against the culprits.” In his tweet, Rohit Pawar also took aim at Devendra Fadnavis and Chandrakant Patil. “Chandrakant Patil and Devendra Fadnavis, they are great leaders. At least we hoped that our workers would understand and cover up. But if you are trying to support that trend, it is unfortunate and will never suit the culture of Maharashtra,” Rohit Pawar said in a tweet. .

What did Chandrakant Patil reply?
Chandrakant Patil responded to the last of Rohit Pawar’s three tweets by citing his tagged tweet. “Rohit Baba, what kind of culture does a Union minister go into a party program and gossip, throw eggs, etc.? Sharad Pawar, who is a senior leader in terms of age and experience, instilled this culture in the NCP workers Is there another ‘hand’ behind this? By quoting the word ‘hand’ in this tweet, Patil indirectly modified Congress, which is the symbol of elections.

Meanwhile, the NCP also filed a complaint with the Deccan Police Station on Monday regarding the beating. Taking note of this allegation, the Deccan Police have registered a case of assault and abuse against three BJP workers namely Bhasmaraj Tikone (resident of Kasba Peth), Pramod Kondhare (resident of Natu Bagh) and Mayur Gandhi (Friday Peth ).

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