The crisis is not worthy of you, let me give up…!; From Pankaja Munde Gopinathgad…

The crisis is not worthy of you, let me give up…!; Pankaja Munde fled from Gopinathgad

‘The crisis is not worthy of you, let me give up. Sosel won’t hurt you.

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Beed: ‘You don’t deserve trouble, I give up. Sosel won’t hurt you. You will not know that she will stand on an umbrella. I’m not worried about what’s going to happen to me. I have learned a lot from defeat, I have come to Delhi with the gold of defeat. That said, CBOs should hold rallies, not to become leaders through rallies, but to secure the future of CBOs,’ said Pankaja Munde. On the occasion of Punyatithi in the presence of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Gopinathgad, Pankaja Munde tried to show his political strength by showing a strong show of force.
Pankaja Munde made a new history by keeping the OBC group secret from the Madhya Pradesh government. He called on the Maharashtra government to do the same and praised Chouhan’s various development plans. Speaking about the ongoing debate on the Legislative Council candidacy, he said: “Everyone is wondering what their future is, what will happen tomorrow. However, I am not worried. Who has the virtue of being able to make gold even in defeat? I learned much of defeat. It is a rite of passage to go to Delhi and make the most of the opportunity. No one sitting on the podium of politics can make or break anyone’s future. It is in the hands of the people. Social wounds, but will not be hurt You will not know that he will sit on your umbrella,’ he lashed out at his opponents.
Meetings must also be held in the OBC reserve and reservations must be made for the future of OBCs, not for becoming leaders. He called on the Madhya Pradesh state government to do the same. In politics, it is important to create power. For this reason, the good must be called good and the bad bad. Pankaja Munde is believed to have spoken harshly again of his dissatisfaction with domestic politics. Due to Corona, there was no public event in Gopinathgad for two years. This year, however, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan attended the event directly. Not a single state-level leader from the Bharatiya Janata Party in Maharashtra was present at Thursday’s event. Pankaja Munde made a strong show of force in the context of the Legislative Council elections.

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