“The Courage of Rohit Pawar”, review by MLA Gopichand Padalkar; Even in Sharad Pawar…

“The Courage of Rohit Pawar”, review by MLA Gopichand Padalkar; Sharad Pawar also took aim!

Padalkar says: “You didn’t have to take the Chondi program. There you are exposed. In that program, Sharad Pawar says…!”

Gopichand Padalkar takes aim at Rohit Pawar (archived photo)

BJP MLA Gopichand Padalkar has been criticizing Sharad Pawar in recent days. While Gopichand Padalkar was also accusing Sharad Pawar and NCP of being racist, he had been heavily criticized by NCP MLA Rohit Pawar while he was speaking to the media. Rohit Pawar had said that the top BJP leaders should cover Gopichand Padalkar just like the big boys cover Shembadya Pora at home. Now Gopichand Padalkar has also responded to this. While speaking to TV9, Padalkar criticized Rohit Pawar and also took aim at Sharad Pawar.

What did Rohit Pawar say?

“If we go to Sangli police station and see the cases against Gopichand Padalkar, we will see what he did. Nobody cares about his accusations, least of all his activists. The Opposition also has a responsibility to preserve the political culture of Maharashtra. Therefore , the big people should cover these people,” said Rohit Pawar.

“Are you older than Ahilya Devi?”

Padalkar has now responded to this. “Who is the biggest in the state? This question should be asked of Rohit Pawar. I don’t consider anyone in his household to be great. Grandparents should decide this first. You have begun to erase the history of our great men. You have to give the answer to the people of the state. What did Grandpa say in his speech to the jury? Ahilya Devi was born where Rohit Pawar leads. Are you bigger than them? This question has been made by Padalkar.

“I’m working to cover you”

“You didn’t have to take the Chondi program. There you are exposed. In that program, Sharad Pawar says that Rohit Pawar is following in the footsteps of Ahilya Devi. Does Rohit already know how to remove Shenbud? You are going to compare with Ahilya Devi. So let me in peace. For the last 70 years, there has been no one to cover you. I am working to cover you. Now you are completely exposed,” Padalkar said.

“What is the role of Gopichand Padalkar, the police in Sangli”, MLA Rohit Pawar’s swipe!

“Rohit Pawar is not yet worthy. Grandpa wanted to introduce them, you are not of that level, worthy to hijack Ahilya Devi’s show. Now people know this. Why did the show have to be cancelled? Rohit Pawar has nothing to do with the show. Your grandfather is 82 years old, you have never seen Ahilya Devi’s birthday. You are organizing events, so why are we dying? Padalkar has also asked himself that question.

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