The answer to the photo is with the photo! MNS of Amol Mitkar tweeting ‘Ha’ photo…

Since Tuesday morning, the MNS and the PNC in the state witness a different ‘photo war’. Secretary to MNS President Raj Thackeray Sachin More had shared some photos of Sharad Pawar and Supriya Sule with Brijbhushan Singh on Facebook this morning. Much political controversy has started from these photos and now NCP leader Amol Mitkari has responded by tweeting another photo. Especially, Sachin More has given this photo a caption by translating the caption from Hindi to Marathi. So from these photos, there is a lot of color between the two parts.

MNS has shared two photos of Sharad Pawar and Brijbhushan Singh. This photo shows Sharad Pawar and Supriya Sule with Brijbhushan Singh. It does not specify when the photos were taken. But from the banner on the back, this is a wrestling event and it appears to have taken place in Maval. Raj Thackeray’s secretary, Sachin More, has shared these photos on Facebook. As she shared these photos, she said, “Some photos are good… and some are true.”

After this photo went viral, MNS accuses Sharad Pawar of providing logistics to Brijbhushan Singh against Raj Thackeray. On the other hand, Brijbhushan Singh himself has made it clear that he is working for the party to oppose Raj Thackeray. On the one hand, while this policy and counterclaims are being painted, now NCP’s Amol Mitkari has responded to MNS by tweeting another photo.

What’s in Mitkari’s tweet?

In his tweet, Amol Mitkari has written a message to MNS. He has also written a Marathi translation of the message in Sachin More’s post. “Adharwad”. Mister Pawar! (Some photos are good and factual! Hindi translation deliberately avoided),” Mitkari wrote in this message along with the tweet.

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What’s in a picture?

The photo shared by Amol Mitkari with his tweet shows the president of the MNS, Raj Thackeray, and the president of the NCP, Sharad Pawar. In this photo, Raj Thackeray is seen holding hands and helping Sharad Pawar onto the stage of a show. Mitkari did not say exactly when the photo was taken.

The last few days have seen a political dispute between Amol Mitkari and MNS. Now it seems that the politics of these photos have given this crown a boost.

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