Take care of the tigers, otherwise the whole forest will burn; Former Manji and…

Take care of the tigers, otherwise the whole forest will burn; The warning of ex-manji and senior leader of the BJP, Shobha Fadnavis

In Chandrapur district, as well as in various parts of Mul taluka, 13 innocent lives have been lost so far.

Accusation of forced inclusion of 93 villages in the Tadoba buffer zone after a protest
In Chandrapur district, as well as in various parts of Mul taluka, 13 innocent lives have been lost so far. Many animals have been killed. Therefore, the forestry department must take measures to prevent such incidents in the future. Otherwise, the entire forest will burn. Such an angry warning will be given at the meeting with the district collector on Friday, former manji and BJP senior leader Shobha Fadnavis said. Meanwhile, he alleged that 93 villages were forcibly included in the Tadoba buffer zone after the protests.

Shobha Fadnavis, outraged by the recent tiger attack in the Karwan-Katwan area, was talking to a local Pankaj. In addition to protecting the tigers in the Tadoba Dark Tiger Project, the government has declared a buffer zone. In doing so, as per the rules, a resolution of the Gram Sabha was required regarding the permission of the Gram Panchayat in question to enter within the boundaries of the buffer zone area. However, out of the 93 gram panchayats, 90 gram panchayats have strongly opposed the buffer zone, while 3 gram panchayats have not yet submitted the gram sabha resolution to the forestry department. However, the forestry department forcibly included 93 villages in the buffer zone. This guy is unfair to those peoples. In expressing such an opinion, Shobhatai Fadnavis

He alleged that the villagers were upset by the Tughlaq administration of the forestry department. Thirteen people have so far been killed in tiger attacks in different parts of the taluka. A survey of the area where the tiger was killed and a discussion with the villagers revealed that a large amount of bush had grown near the village. Also, not enough water has been created in the forest to quench the thirst of wildlife. Not enough and regular water is stored in places where there are reservoirs. As a result, thirsty wild animals have begun to roam in search of water. The same goes for the tigers in the buffer zone. In search of water, the tigers have begun to approach the village and the tigers, sheltering in the overgrown bushes near the village, have been carrying out deadly attacks on people who sometimes go to the toilet and other times on people. who go to the fields. . Due to the negligence of the Mani Forest Department in implementing the conservation and conservation plan for tigers, humans have to become food for tigers. This is a tragedy. Therefore, tiger attacks should not occur in the taluka in the future. Therefore, the forestry department must implement a concrete prevention plan. Otherwise, the forest will burn. Such a decision has now been made by the villagers.

In this sense, on June 3 we will meet with the District Collector and the Guardian together with the farmers and residents and in this meeting concrete decisions will be made for human protection. That is the expectation. Otherwise, the villagers will do what they decide. Shobhatai Fadnavis has given such a warning. Former NP Vice President Anil Santoshwar and former Market Committee Chairman Motilal Tahaliyani were present at the occasion.

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