Sundar Pichai: Google CEO Sundar Pichai met with Prime Minister Modi and said: Thank you…

Google Event for India: Google CEO Sundar Pichai met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. Pichai gave information about his meeting with the prime minister in a tweet. Sharing the photo with PM Modi, Pichai wrote that thank you PM Narendra Modi for the wonderful meeting today. Let us tell you that the CEO of Google has come to India to attend the 8th edition of Google for India, the biggest Google event in India.

After meeting Prime Minister Modi, Pichai expressed his happiness by tweeting. He wrote that he thanks PM for the wonderful meeting today. Narendra ModiIt is inspiring to see the rapid pace of technological change under his leadership. We look forward to supporting India’s G20 Presidency to continue our strong partnership and promote an open and connected Internet that works for all.”

He also met with the IT minister

Sundar Pichai, who traveled to India to attend the 8th edition of Google for India, also met with the Minister of Information and Technology, Ashwini Vaishnav. During this, there was a discussion between the two about AI and AI-based solutions in India. Pichai said during a conversation with IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav that it is easy to build something that spans the entire country and this is the opportunity for India. Every moment is a good place to start, even while we are working on the macroeconomic situation right now.

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India is in the eyes of Google

At an event held at the Pragati Maidan in Delhi, Sundar Pichai said that Google is targeting startups doing business from India. He said that of the $300 million earmarked for these startups, a quarter of the amount would be invested in women-led startups.

Pichai said that the technology is working on a large scale and is affecting the lives of people around the world. At that time, there is a demand to make responsible and balanced rules. He said given the scale and the technology that (India) will have, it’s important to make sure you have safeguards for people, to strike a balance.

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