ST’s first electric bus ‘Shivai’ will run from June 1 – Anil Parab

ST’s first electric bus ‘Shivai’ will run from June 1 – Anil Parab

Dedication ceremony to be held in Pune; Lalpari will debut in the year of the nectar festival


The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), one of the largest public companies in the automotive sector, will soon introduce an eco-friendly electric bus to reduce air pollution. The ‘Lalpari’ i.e. ST which is the lifeline of Maharashtra will make its debut on June 1, 2022 in the year of nectar. On the occasion of this day, the inauguration ceremony of the first electric bus ‘Shivai’ will be held in the presence of the Honorable Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. The first bus will run on the Pune-Ahmednagar route after the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday (June 1) in Pune, said the Minister of Transport and Chairman of ST Corporation Adv. Presented by Anil Parab today. Adv. Parab has done it.

ST Anniversary June 1 –

On June 1, 1948, the first ST Corporation bus ran on the Pune-Ahmednagar-Pune route. In honor of this event, ST Corporation celebrates ST’s anniversary on June 1 of each year. This year, in the Nectar Jubilee Year of Indian Independence, our ST will also make its debut in the Nectar Jubilee Year.

The Shivai bus will also depart from Ahmednagar –

“On June 1, 1948, the first ST bus operated as Pune-Ahmednagar-Pune. In this context, the inauguration ceremony of ‘Shivai’ will be held at the hands of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Wednesday at the premises of the State Transport Corporation Divisional Office in Pune. After that, this bus will run the route from Pune to Ahmednagar. Apart from this, the Deputy Chief Minister will also inaugurate the power charging center. Meanwhile, the Shivai bus will also depart from Ahmednagar. This bus will run to Pune. The train will be signaled by Laxmanrao Kevate, the first bus driver who left Ahmednagar on June 1, 1948.” This information was also given by Minister Anil Parab.

Amritmahotsavi Debut of the Year Ceremony Program –

After Shivai’s Lokarpan program, the main function will be held at Balgandharva Hall in Shivajinagar on the occasion of the debut of the Amritmahotsavi year. During the program, Hon. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will guide the audience through the television system, Parab said. On this occasion, Minister of the Interior Dilip Walse-Patil, Vice President of the Legislative Council Dr. Nilam Gorhe, Minister of State for Transport Satej Patil, Minister of State for Public Works, Land and Water Resources Dattatraya Bharne, MP Girish Bapat, MLA Madhuri Misal and Additional Chief Secretary for Transport and Ports Ashish Kumar Singh, Vice President and General Manager of ST Corporation Shekhar Channe will be present at the occasion.

There will be 6 rounds on the day of ‘Shivai’ –

A decision was made to introduce an electric bus running on the electric system in the ST convoy to curb rising fuel prices, pollution caused by vehicles and provide better transportation services to passengers, Parab said. After public dedication, Shivai’s Pune-Ahmednagar-Pune route will have 6 round trips per day. After this, electric buses will be introduced to the ST fleet in phases, Transport Minister Anil Parab said, adding that this bus will definitely be popular with passengers due to its attractive color scheme and comfortable and affordable rides.

Rewards for drivers who have served accident-free for 25 years-

On the occasion of the Amrut Mahotsavi year, drivers who have been serving the State Transport Corporation for 25 years or more without any accidents will receive a pat on the back. Special honors will be given to the spouses of 30 drivers who provide such accident-free service.” Such information was also provided by Anil Parab.

Highlights of ‘Shivai’ –

1) The length of the bus is 12 meters, 2) Two-by-two seating arrangement, 3) 43 seats in total, 4) Noise and pollution-free and air-conditioned car, 5) The car can drive at a speed 80 km, 6) Battery capacity 322 kV.

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