SP protest against lockout at Atlas Cycle Company, raised demand for reopening

The Atlas Cycle Company has been demanded by the Samajwadi Party to open the company immediately. On Monday, SP workers went to the company riding a bicycle and demanded the government to reopen it.

Ghaziabad, Anubhav Shukla: On Monday, on the instructions of Samajwadi Party national president and former UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, against the lockout in the Atlas Cycle Company, the Samajwadi Party demanded immediate opening of the company. Samajwadi Party Ghaziabad District President Haji Rashid Malik and General Secretaries Virendra Yadav Advocate, Vice Presidents Santosh Yadav and Anand Chaudhary and Aditya Malik, along with Manmohan Gama Party workers, reached the Atlas Company gate and demanded the company be reopened. During this time, there were placings on his bicycles to reopen the company. He also submitted a memorandum to the governor through the district administration.

In the memorandum
addressed to the governor, the memorandum addressed to the governor stated that on June 3, 2020, 752 employees were stopped from working at the Atlas Company located in Sahibabad Industrial Area suddenly without any notice. This has created a serious crisis of livelihood in front of the workers. Many of these employees have served 25 to 30 years in the company and some have turned 55 years old. She is now getting a job elsewhere.

In the requestmemorandum to the Governor, the Governor has been requested to use his constitutional powers and direct the Administration and Labor Department to make arrangements to open the Atlas Company in the public interest without any delay. The memorandum has demanded that the lockout of the Atlas Company be abolished and the service of workers restored. Workers get full salary for the lockout period. Everyday 752 employees come to the factory and put an end to the system. Police harassment should be stopped and the government should be instructed to take immediate cognizance in this regard.

Government to help with package of Rs 20 lakh crore The
Samajwadi Party has also demanded in its memorandum that the Government of India should help with the package of Rs 20 lakh crore to start the Atlas Company. Party leaders said that the details of the package announced by the Prime Minister are not yet clear. The BJP is talking about giving employment, but under the pretext of Corona crisis, entrepreneurs are locking up their institutions and workers are becoming unemployed. After all, what is the benefit of the announced 20 lakh crore package, when the Atlas Cycle Factory could not be saved from the lockout.

Samajwadi Party also questioned the state government on the question raised on the ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign . He said that the Chief Minister said that Uttar Pradesh will benefit a lot from this package, so why should the workers of the state be deprived of it? In making independent India independent, the role of the bicycle in taking it on the path of development cannot be denied. The closure of the Atlas factory will put a question mark on the Prime Minister’s ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign. The success of ‘self-reliance’ will be seen only when it comes to know that where is Atlas Cycle Company’s share in the 20 lakh crore package?

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