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Bollywood’s popular singer Sonu Nigam recently suffered from an allergy that he had to live up to the ICU. Although it is not much tension now, Sonu himself shared his picture on Instagram and told about his problems and also told that he is fine now.

Sonu shared two photos, thank you for saying, ‘Thank you for everyone’s love. It gives us a lesson to never ignore any allergies. In my case I was allergic to seafood. If I do not go to the hospital for a long time, then the matter is increased. ‘Please tell that Sonu has shared 2 photographs, one of them has full swelling in one of the other, while in the second photo, he is lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask.

Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam is in the news about more controversial statements than his songs these days. Sonu Nigam is currently struggling with a serious illness. Sonu Nigam himself has shared his photographs on social media and told about the disease.

Mumbai. Singer Sonu Nigam (Sonu Nigam) are some photos shared on social media account, which draws their eye was a swollen eye. In another photo, Sonu (Sonu Nigam) is seen in the ICU ward of the hospital . Sonu Nigam with photos has told that their condition is due to eating a Sea Food. Actually, due to seafood, Sonu had skin allergy. A man said – Be a Vegetarian and be happy …

Seeing Sonu’s condition, his fans on social media started commenting that what has happened to Sonu? One person said – Get Well Soon Sonu Another person wrote there – be vegetarian and be happy. Sonu also said thanks to fans on social media for their concern. Also, Sonu made other people aware that this is a big lesson for all of us.

Thank you for my concern: Sonu
Sonu wrote with the photo- ‘Thank you for the concern and love of people about me. I have returned from Odisha . The last night was a concert. I have no problem sharing this story about how I got done a day earlier. You people also avoid allergies My case has seafood. If Nanawati Hospital does not pass, then swelling and increases. Keep all of you healthy and happy.

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