Six elephants from the Botezari Camp of the Totoba Andhari Tiger Project in Gujarat…

The elephants left for Jamnagar via Nagpur in six vehicles under tight security; Wildlife lovers only protest on social media

Ravindra Junarkar
A total of six elephants, 4 males and 2 females, kept at the Botezari Elephant Camp in the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, were moved from six vehicles at the Radhe Krishna Temple, Elephant Welfare Trust, Jamnagar near Ahmedabad, Gujarat on Thursday May 19. at 6 am. The elephant is said to have been transferred from Tadoba to Gujarat for proper health and high-quality medical care.

Dr. Jitendra Ramgaonkar, Area Director, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Project, said in a statement released here that the Forest Department is committed to better management and management of captive elephants in the state. To this end, the collaboration of various experts and recognized NGOs in this field is sought. Since the previous six elephants are from the same pedigree, there is a possibility of serious defects in future offspring. Therefore, the issue of elephant migration was followed up at a higher level. The state government relocated six elephants to the Radhe Krishna Temple, Elephant Welfare Trust, Jamnagar, which has ample space to ensure proper and high-quality medical care for the elephants in the next life, through experienced veterinarians. The elephants left for Jamnagar this morning after receiving a no objection certificate from the Elephant Project Department, Central Zoo, Environment, Forests and Climate Change. The Gujarat Chief Conservator of Forests and Wildlife has also received a certificate of innocence. Radhe Krishna Temple, Elephant Welfare Trust Veterinary Officer and Mahavat arrived in Tadoba this morning. All these elephants were transported in six vehicles from Boatzari camp to Jamnagar via Nagpur. Wildlife enthusiasts are now screaming that the elephants were shipped to Gujarat under pressure from the Union Ministry of Forestry and Environment. Meanwhile, as the elephants migrated to Jamnagar this morning, no wildlife enthusiasts or wildlife organizations took to the streets to protest or protest. Everyone is screaming on social media. In fact, no one opposed this development. Therefore, wildlife lovers and environmentalists of Chandrapur are being criticized everywhere for shouting only on social media.

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