shocking! In Beed, a female tehsildar deputy…

shocking! In Beed, a Tehsildar female deputy was stabbed in the head by her brother, her condition is serious.

The incident took place on Monday (June 6) when a female deputy tehsildar was attacked in a family fight after entering Cage tehsil’s office.

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pearls – The incident took place on Monday (June 6) when a tehsildar deputy broke into Cage tehsil’s office and attacked her. Her brother-in-law attacked him with a scythe and tried to kill him. MP Tehsildar Asha Wagh was admitted to hospital for treatment after receiving a blow to the neck and head, the sources said.

While working at MP Tehsildar Asha Wagh’s office in Cage, his brother Madhukar Dayaram Wagh (45 years old, Dondigar, Tal. Chalisgaon, Dist. Jalgaon) arrived at the office around 11:30 am. He stabbed his sister Asha in the neck and head with a scythe. After the attack, victim Asha Wagh fled to the neighboring office of Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana under the same conditions.

Meanwhile, the assailant Madhukar was detained by the police after he was detained by citizens present at the office. Asha Wagh is in critical condition and has been admitted to Ambajogai Public Hospital for further treatment.

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Attacker Madhukar Wagh and MP Tehsildar Asha Wagh have been involved in a family feud for the past few days. He took a drastic step in farming and other disputes and went straight into the office and attacked his sister Sakhya.

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